Board Goals

Board Goals

Annual Board of Trustees Goals Workshop

The Esparto Unified School District held the 2018 Board Goals Workshop on January 11 in Alice Marsh Hall. Board of Trustees Pam Miller, Bonnie Simas, Becky Schwenger, Nancy Pennebaker, and Wendy England were joined by Superintendent Diego Ochoa, Nena Michel, Becky Spiva, and Debbie Howard. The workshop was facilitated by former Superintendent Aida Buelna.

Members of the Board reviewed the district’s progress and discussed areas for continued growth. The Board of Trustees selected the following goals for the 2018 year:

  1. Continue Reorganization of District Office for 2018-2019
  • Reorganize information technology services and evaluate job descriptions for district departments and staff.
  • Provide August 2018 District Organizational Report. Include financial costs and positions.
  • Create a process for the CBO position to receive coaching support.

  1. Establish Conditions of Learning to retain staff, build strong collegial relationships, implement standards, and offer broad course access.
  • Improve the district’s school nutrition program through menu improvements and marketing of the food program. Utilize student surveys to address the quality of food served, increase participation at all sites and encourage nutrition instruction.
  • Identify professional development needs through a needs assessment.
  • Improve district maintenance and grounds.
  • Increase student access to technology. Research providing wifi access to students Beyond the School Day. Survey students to determine levels of home internet access and data access.

  1. Raise achievement across the curriculum and maintain a primary focus on literacy.
  • Educate parents and provide professional development to staff about the importance of 0-5 education, specifically academic and social readiness.
  • Increased achievement on the English and math CAASPP assessments.
  • Increased quality instruction in physical education, technology, visual/performing arts, science, and history to support all students.
  • Improved vertical articulation based on development of a district Vertical Teaming Plan and a Career-Technical Education Plan.

  1. Continue to promote school attendance, ensure graduation, encourage parent involvement, and create support structures for needy students.
  • Utilize social media to effectively communicate with the broad community. Create official Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. Evaluate district web presence.
  • Provide effective student wellness programs through RTi and SST models.
  • Support continued efforts to increase student attendance.