Board Goals

Board Goals

Annual Board of Trustees Goals Workshop

The Esparto Unified School District held the 2019-20 Board Goals Workshop on June 26th at the High School in room A7. Board of Trustees Bonnie Simas, Tracy Nash, Ignacio Lua, Amanda Barwis, and Larry Kieny were joined by Superintendent Christina Goennier Ed.D, Nena Michel, and Becky Spiva. The workshop was facilitated by CSBA Trainer, Sepideh Yeoh.

Members of the Board reviewed the district’s progress and discussed areas for continued growth. The Board of Trustees selected the following goals for the 2019-20 year:

Establish conditions of learning to retain staff, build strong collegial relationships, implement standards and offer broad course access:

  • Build and maintain a cohesive Governance Team.

  • Create unity of purpose.

  • Establish “needs assessment” for both programs & facilities.

  • Maintain & secure funding for programs/facilities.

Raise achievement across the curriculum:

  • Understanding California Dashboard

  • Provide professional development opportunities

Actively engage parents and students to promote school attendance, a positive climate, and involvement in the school community focusing on and promoting:

  • Open communication

  • Mental health focus

  • Safe environment