Child Abuse and Neglect 


Child abuse or neglect includes the following: (Penal Code 11165.5, 11165.6)

Child abuse or neglect does not include:


Esparto Unified School District employees are mandated reporters. Mandated reporters include, but are not limited to, teachers; instructional aides; teacher's aides or assistants; classified employees; administrators; directors and any other school employees who have contact with children (Penal Code 11165.7)

Reasonable suspicion means that it is objectively reasonable for a person to entertain a suspicion, based upon facts that could cause a reasonable person in a like position, drawing when appropriate on the person's training and experience, to suspect child abuse or neglect. However, reasonable suspicion does not require certainty that child abuse or neglect has occurred nor does it require a specific medical indication of child abuse or neglect. (Penal Code 11166)

Any mandated reporter who has knowledge of or observes a child in his/her professional capacity or within the scope of his/her employment whom he/she knows or reasonably suspects has been a victim of child abuse or neglect shall make a report using the procedures provided below. No supervisor or administrator shall impede or inhibit a mandated reporter from making a report.

Reporting Procedures

Immediately or as soon as practicable after knowing or observing suspected child abuse or neglect, a mandated reporter shall make an initial report by telephone to any police department (excluding a school district police/security department), sheriff's department, county probation department if designated by the county to receive such reports, or county welfare department. (Penal Code 11165.9, 11166)

Such reports shall be made to the following agency(ies):

Yolo County Child Welfare Services Abuse Reporting

(530) 669-2345

When the initial telephone report is made, the mandated reporter shall note the name of the official contacted, the date and time contacted, and any instructions or advice received.

Within 36 hours of knowing or observing the information concerning the incident, the mandated reporter shall prepare and either send, fax, or electronically transmit to the appropriate agency a written follow-up report, which includes a completed California Department of Justice (DOJ) form which can be accessed by clicking (BCIA 8572). (Penal Code 11166, 11168)

Reports of suspected child abuse or neglect shall include, if known: (Penal Code 11167)

The mandated reporter shall make a report even if some of this information is not known or is uncertain to the mandated reporter. (Penal Code 11167). 


Any adult or parent can and should report suspected child abuse or neglect to an official child protective agency. In Yolo County, reports of suspected child abuse or neglect are reported to Yolo County Child Welfare Service Abuse Reporting Hotline at 530-669-2345.